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Call centre

VIBER 060 880 10 10


Price list

STB TAXI transfers to the airport with the announcement of arrival 30 minutes before the scheduled date and from the airport Nikola Tesla

Ordering a TAXI vehicle


CURRENT PRICES for city driving

Start 170 din.
I Tarif 65 din.
II Tarif ** 85 din.
III Tarif *** 130 din.
One hour of waiting 750 din.

*The second tariff is charged for a period of 6.00h to 22.00h, Sundays and public holidays.
** The first and second tariff are valid for the city, the third tariff is valid from the points listed in the metropolitan area outside of the town according to Govermant Decision of Belgrade city, clearly indicated in the price list each vehicle has a taxi STB.
***The third tariff applies:

1. On Zrenjanin road from the intersection with the street this time of brotherhood and unity in the village beam
a) on the road Borca-brown of a bridge over the canal at the exit from Borca
b) in the way of Borca-sheep inn traveler.
2. On Pancevo refinery road from Belgrade
3. On Batajnica road from the Batajnica
a) the loop Batajnica
4. On Zagreb highway in the exclusion of Nikola Tesla Airport
5. On Surcin road from the village center Surčin
6. On Obrenovačko road from the junction with the road for Železnik
7. On Zeleznik-road swing Sremčica of bus lines in Sremčica
8. On iIbarskom way from the city cemetery Orlovača
9. On road Rakovica stream of white-including the village Resnik
10. On Avala road from the Memorial Cemetery in Jajinci
11. On Nis highway loop of Lasta
12. On Smederevo road from the road to the Vinča institute including settlement Kaluđerica
13. On Slanački way from the city cemetery Lešće
14. Road for Great Mostanica the intersection near the gas pumps in Sremčica




Taxi drive price  : ( Serbia)
  • Airport transfer : 20 EUR
  • Trip in Serbia: 0,35 EUR per km + 5 EUR waiting hour

Destination :

  • Belgrade- Niš 175 EUR
  • Belgrade-Niš-Belgrade 175 EUR
  • Belgrade -Kraljevo 140 EUR
  • Belgrade-Novi Sad 70 EUR
  • Belgrade - Subotica 140 EUR
  • Belgrade-Priština 260 EUR
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A short code number 198-98 applies to all networks.

Order the vehicle via twitter @SIGURANTAXIBG

Belgrade sightseeing tourist

STB taxi  of Belgrade vehicles can meet Belgrade, visit all the cultural sights, restaurants, cultural and other events that our city has to offer.
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Services for companies

Cashless payment of fees through the block
We offer cooperation to all who need regular transportation. By signing corporate contracts provide continuous transportation every day from 00 to 24 hours.
If you are interested in paying through the account, call us between 10 and 14 h the number 011/242-03-03.