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Unlike a number of associations, STB Taxi of Belgrade is a company established as of 01.12.1994.
STB Taxi of BG is both an innovator and following contemporary trends in taxi transport, as reflected in the constant improvement of the services it provides.

From the day it was founded it has been moving in an upward direction, both in increasing the number of vehicles and elevating the quality of service in taxi transportation, as witnessed by regular users of our services and millions of passengers.

All vehicles in the STB Taxi of Belgrade network are equipped with a radio station, while the average time of arrival, pending the weather, is 3-5 minutes.
The large number of vehicles, as well as the conditions and rules for work made STB Taxi of Belgrade become one of the most desired companies for taxi drivers to work, as well as one of the most frequently used and most recognizable companies.

STB Taxi of Belgrade employs professional licensed taxi drivers, always courteous and professional and with excellent automobiles, considering local conditions. We also note that our radio centre is the most professional one in the city, with courteous and trained operators working with a single goal - the satisfaction of our users.

Why to choose STB Taxi

While most Belgrade taxi associations strive to have as much membership as possible, STB taxi puts accent on the quality of service, and we have strict criteria for admitting new members.

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STB TAXI transfers to the airport with the announcement of arrival 30 minutes before the scheduled date and from the airport Nikola Tesla. Scheduling of vehicles for driving to the airport and out of town One of the benefits of scheduling STB taxi ride to the airport Belgrade and out of town and includes the possibility of choosing more and better vehicles and vehicles with air conditioning. Price out of town transportation service is available through our call center phone 011/715-25-25 , 060/9800 or viber number +381608801010 by which the ordered vehicle.

STB fees guarantee you a comfortable and safe ride in the vehicles of the first deluxe and first class for your wedding or other manifestation.Number of vehicles during the rental period and the types of vehicles to suit your needs. Contact our Info Center for all information.

STB taxi vehicles can meet Belgrade, visit all the cultural sights in town or all aroun Serbia, restaurants and night clubs, cultural and other events that our city has to offer. Call us! Call us!

Cashless payment of fees through the block We offer cooperation to all who need regular transportation. By signing corporate contracts provide continuous transportation every day from 00 to 24 hours. If you are interested in paying through the account, call us between 10 and 14 h the number 011/242-03-03.;

Mobile advertising on taxis STB more than a recognizable form of advertising that can be achieved in consultation with your taxi Beograda.We are confident and we can help your marketing activities that are available to our citizens and visitors of Belgrade and visible in all parts of Belgrade

Price of Taxi

I tariff

65 rsd
per kilometer

Start 170 rsd

Extra time 750 rsd

II tariff

85 rsd
per kilometer

Start 170 rsd

Extra time 750 rsd

III tariff

130 rsd
per kilometer

Start 170 rsd

Extra time 750 rsd

Taxi rates

*The second tariff is charged for a period of 6.00h to 22.00h, Sundays and public holidays.

** The first and second tariff are valid for the city, the third tariff is valid from the points listed in the metropolitan area outside of the town according to Govermant Decision of Belgrade city, clearly indicated in the price list each vehicle has a taxi STB.

taxi beograd

Taxi drive price : ( Serbia)
Airport transfer : 20 EUR
Trip in Serbia: 0,35 EUR per km + 5 EUR waiting hour

Destination :
Belgrade- Niš 175 EUR
Belgrade-Niš-Belgrade 175 EUR
Belgrade -Kraljevo 140 EUR
Belgrade-Novi Sad 70 EUR
Belgrade - Subotica 140 EUR
Belgrade-Priština 260 EUR

Each taxi driver must properly represent STB Taxi of Belgrade both with their proper courteous behaviour and their personal appearance and the appearance of their taxi vehicle, both with parties,as well as other factors directly related to the work of taxi transportation (other participants in traffic, etc.) . All operators employed in the STB Taxi of Belgrade Call Centre must be extremely courteous with the obligation to serve the party with speed, precision and efficiency in order to provide them with the correct information on the time and identity of the taxi vehicle arriving at the desired destination in the least amount of time.  Likewise, through their professionality, the STB Taxi of Belgrade Call Centre operators must establish a quality relationship with members of the radio system, i.e. taxi drivers, in order to provide them with fast, precise and quality service.


198-98 for all networks
+381 11/715-25-25
mob.+381 60/9800
+381 60/9800

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+381 60 880 10 10


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