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Call centre

VIBER 060 880 10 10



STB TAXI transfers to the airport with the announcement of arrival 30 minutes before the scheduled date and from the airport Nikola Tesla

Ordering a TAXI vehicle

Every taxi driver of the STB Taxi of Belgrade must satisfy all norms and codes of conduct proscribed by the rulebook on the work of the radio network and other company statutes that are both very strict and at a high level.

Each taxi driver must properly represent STB Taxi of Belgrade both with their proper courteous behaviour and their personal appearance and the appearance of their taxi vehicle, both with parties,as well as other factors directly related to the work of taxi transportation (other participants in traffic, etc.)
All operators employed in the STB Taxi of Belgrade Call Centre must be extremely courteous with the obligation to serve the party with speed, precision and efficiency in order to provide them with the correct information on the time and identity of the taxi vehicle arriving at the desired destination in the least amount of time.
Likewise, through their professionality, the STB Taxi of Belgrade Call Centre operators must establish a quality relationship with members of the radio system, i.e. taxi drivers, in order to provide them with fast, precise and quality service.



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A short code number 198-98 applies to all networks.

Order the vehicle via twitter @SIGURANTAXIBG

Belgrade sightseeing tourist

STB taxi  of Belgrade vehicles can meet Belgrade, visit all the cultural sights, restaurants, cultural and other events that our city has to offer.
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Services for companies

Cashless payment of fees through the block
We offer cooperation to all who need regular transportation. By signing corporate contracts provide continuous transportation every day from 00 to 24 hours.
If you are interested in paying through the account, call us between 10 and 14 h the number 011/242-03-03.