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Call centre

VIBER 060 880 10 10



STB TAXI transfers to the airport with the announcement of arrival 30 minutes before the scheduled date and from the airport Nikola Tesla

Ordering a TAXI vehicle


How much costs transfer from/to Berlgrade airport ?

How does STB Taxi of Belgrade charge for luggage?

How does STB Taxi of Belgrade  charge for pet transportation?

How does STB Taxi of Belgrade charge for technical item transportation?

For all these questions, the answer is the same. Since the provisions on taxi transportation do not contain precise regulations for charges on the above mentioned, while the same allows for separate charges for these items.

Practice at STB Taxi of Belgrade is the same as with most companies and associations, therefore charging for the above mentioned is conducted under agreement with the taxi driver prior, and always prior to the initated ride. In all cases the price for transporting luggage, technical items and pets is minimal and the most affordable.

Transfer from/to airport is 20 EUR and you should reserve taxi by e mail or call our call center on 198-98 or viber number +381608801010

Luggage transport to the airport, railway and bus station, as well as from those destinations, is not charged neither for rides ordered by telephone, nor when stopping the vehicle directly on the street.

How does STB Taxi of Belgrade charge for towing another vehicle?

STB Taxi of Belgrade provides the service of towing a vehicle by both flexible and rigid coupling. When towing vehicles all legally proscribed conditions are to be met and the safety of those being towed and other participants in traffic are observed. The price is agreed upon with the taxi driver, considering all factors (distance of towing, state of the vehicle being towed, etc.) If towing by flexible or rigid coupling is deemed unsafe or impossible, STB Taxi of Belgrade will recommend other types of towing to their customers.

Does the taxi service user have to pay for a ride if it was terminated early due to an unforseen event such as a possible problem with the taxi vehicle, etc. and how much?

If the ride is terminated before the destination the party wanted to arrive at, and the early termination is due to a breakdown on the vehicle or a similar issue, the party pays for the price indicated by the taximeter, less the starting price and the discount if the ride was arranged by telephone.

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A short code number 198-98 applies to all networks.

Order the vehicle via twitter @SIGURANTAXIBG

Belgrade sightseeing tourist

STB taxi  of Belgrade vehicles can meet Belgrade, visit all the cultural sights, restaurants, cultural and other events that our city has to offer.
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Services for companies

Cashless payment of fees through the block
We offer cooperation to all who need regular transportation. By signing corporate contracts provide continuous transportation every day from 00 to 24 hours.
If you are interested in paying through the account, call us between 10 and 14 h the number 011/242-03-03.